Friday, 11 April 2014


The format of Frank's Joe 90 prize draw has been looked at recently as the cash pot has now reached £1,000. The committee recently agreed to cap the prize fund at £1,000 and start a reserve fund so that once the prize is won there will be another substantial pot to begin again rather than the £50 starting pot that there would be ordinarily. It was also agreed that since all 90 tickets are being sold each week there should be more than one book sold and only tickets from completely sold books would be entered into that week's draw. This has prompted complaints from members and so the decision has been partially reversed.

The £1,000 cap will stay in place and the value of the reserve fund will be advertised each week so that members know what is accruing. Tickets will still be open to non-members as well as members as has always been the custom previously but there will only be 90 tickets sold each week in order to prevent confusion as this has been the source of heated debate over the past fortnight.

Tickets are on sale for £1 each behind the bar and if the ticket matches the number that wins the third house of bingo each Tuesday then the holder will win the £1,000 pot.

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