Wednesday, 25 June 2014


The committee recently requested that Ken Moss (acting in his capacity as Councillor) could ask for a brown tourist information sign at the bottom of Parker Street. A reply has come through from Lancashire County Council:

"Thank you for your enquiry regarding signage for the 'Free Gardeners Club' on Parker Street, Rishton.

Unfortunately, I cannot support your request and have set out below the main reasons for my decision.

Parker Street, given its location adjacent to the canal bridge, is not difficult to locate from the A678 Hermitage Street. A google search for the 'Free Gardeners Club Rishton' listed several web pages with information and contact details and also a google location map.  It is considered that signage is only an aid to pre-planning material such as maps and atlases, and they are not a substitute for good promotional material.

I do not consider there to be significant highway safety issues associated with visitors missing the turn into Parker Street,  as there are many side streets which vehicles can use to turn around safely.

In addition, I would not consider the club to be a tourist destination that warrants individual brown tourism signs as per the recommendations in the Lancashire County Council Guidelines for the Provision of Tourism Signs."

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