Friday, 7 March 2014


Tuesday evening is bingo night in the club from 9.00pm and is hosted by Ken Moss. A series of 8 houses are played over the course of the night, ranging from 10p per strip (60p per sheet) up to 50p per strip (£3.00 per sheet) for the final big cashpot game.

Several of the houses include bonus features:

The winning house number is selected using the bingo machine (which this week is the 54th number called out). If the number that wins the house coincides with the selected number then that person wins the jackpot (currently up to £68).

A random number is selected using the bingo machine and if that number is the same as the one which wins the house then that ticket holder wins the jackpot (currently at £830). The holder of the winning ticket gets £30. All tickets must be sold before the game can be played and the main jackpot rises each week by £50.

The winner of the house goes to the bar for a random drink voucher draw. The winner must be a paid up member of the Rishton Free Gardeners Club. If more than one person wins then the number of tokens drawn is split equally.

JOE 90
The ticket holder of the winning line gets £20, the ticket holder of the winning house gets £50. 70 tickets must be sold before this game can be played. If fewer than 90 tickets are sold and the winning number is higher then another number will be selected until there is a winner.

Come along each Tuesday night at 9.00pm and play along, members and non-members welcome!

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